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Las Fuentes Municipal Park

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Dancing fountains, swings, toy cars to scale, and even a soccer field, is part of what children and young people of the municipality of Nezahualcóyotl can enjoy daily free with the new theme park “Las Fuentes”.

As part of the public space recovery program, the municipal government officially opened the water park “Las Fuentes”, which has 110 interactive dancing fountains with mist and lighting, children’s games, water slides, jumping, climbing, and even a City to scale with a road circuit.

With an investment of 35 million pesos, the municipal president, Juan Zepeda, explained that the land of 24 thousand square meters was recovered after it was previously used privately as a clandestine gas, so it was closed to make way for A thematic complex that seeks the unity and family integration of the citizens of Neza.

The water park “Las Fuentes” is located at the junction of Avenida Bordo de Xochiaca and Avenida Nezahualcóyotl, also has benches, palapas, outdoor gymnasium, electric cars, basketball court and urban furniture, all free of charge.

The area where you can witness musical and artistic shows has a nearby parking lot and is protected by municipal public safety elements, thanks to a surveillance module, so that citizens feel safe when carrying out the activities within the complex.

The mayor added that for a second stage it is planned to build two other beach and city themed spaces, as well as rescue at least 70 more public spaces so that the citizens can enjoy the sport and family coexistence.

Address: Av Bordo de Xochiaca 3, Estado de Mexico, 57300 Nezahualcóyotl, Méx., Mexico