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Nezahualcóyotl Juan Zepeda Hernández

Juan Zepeda Hernández announced the festival “Neza Joven Fest”, which will be held from August 12 to 16

Nezahualcóyotl, Mexico – With the intention of creating a link between the youth sector, which covers a third of the population of this municipality and its authorities, besides offering young people a space for expression, recreation and healthy recreation, the mayor Juan Zepeda Hernández, announced the festival “Neza Joven Fest”, which will be held from August 12 to 16, for which a series of concerts were programmed, involving 76 bands; 13 lectures, 9 screenings, 6 exhibitions, as well as other cultural activities and municipal services, all free of charge, which is the first of its kind in this town.

Juan Zepeda indicated that the little more than 330 thousand inhabitants between 12 and 29 years of age who live in this demarcation, is an important sector for his government, nevertheless, the young people have an attitude of apathy, distrust and even fear towards the Authorities, this because for years they have been relegated, repressed or historically ignored by the authorities, therefore and in order to fulfill its promise to serve the youth is that the Municipal Institute of Youth was given the task of organizing This great event.

He pointed out that bands from the level of Vive Latino, such as Inspector, Daniels, Crocodiles, Tex Tex, Victorios, Royal Club, Nana Pancha, Sixth Court and Javy and Los Tenampa, among others, will participate in the “Neza Joven Fest”. In addition to offering a series of conferences with topics such as: addictions, youth sexuality, sports and recovery of public spaces, ecology and sport; There will also be exhibitions including the photographic exhibition of Dr. Shenka, vocalist of the national rock group Panteón Rococó, and alebrijes, Colectivo 3 Sangres.

He said that an essential aspect of this celebration, which takes place in the framework of the International Youth Day and as part of the celebrations of the 50th Anniversary of the Erection of the Municipality of Nezahualcóyotl, is to awaken and encourage in the youth of this locality the interest In matters of relevance such as environmental care, the fight against addictions, sexuality and responsible maternity, recovery and maintenance of public spaces and green areas, among others.

Zepeda Hernández said that the events will be held in both the East Zone and the North Zone, with headquarters as Plurifunctional Cultural Center, the Municipal Esplanade and the Northern Zone Administrative Unit (“La Bola”); In the East Zone the events will be from Monday 12 to Friday 16; While in the North Zone will be the Monday, Tuesday and Thursday; Taking as a place for the global closure of this youth festival the municipal esplanade.

Meanwhile, the director of the Municipal Youth Institute, Angélica Nava López, anticipated that the inauguration of the “Neza Joven Fest” will be on Monday at noon, simultaneously in the Cultural Center Plurifuncional and “La Bola”, in the First there will be a tour of the exhibitions mounted on that site and from 14 hours will start the massive concert in the municipal esplanade, with the participation of 9 local bands; While in the other venue, there will be the participation of two musical groups, a round table, the screening of a film and a play.

He pointed out that in the development of events there is a play, a show in skates and another circus and a batucada; Also, a tianguis-barter will be realized, that will be a space where there will be interchange of products of juvenile interest, a simil to the Poplar; Stands will be installed where services and products for this sector will be offered, such as schools, laboratories, clothing, jewelry, skateboards, and so on; In addition to the participation of areas of this local government offering services that are of interest to young people, such as work, tourism, information about addictions, free medical certificates, environmental care, youth psychology, mobile gym, Disability in young people and many more services.

Finally, the municipal president Juan Zepeda indicated that to ensure the safety of those attending the events will be attended by the Municipal Public Safety Directorate, which will deploy a whole set of devices to avoid the introduction of objects and accessories that may cause Injury or accident;Alcoholic beverages, toxic substances, large bulks, flammable products, among others, all with the aim of obtaining positive results, from a white balance as happened with the celebrations of the fiftieth anniversary of the municipality, to the solid creation of a link between youth population and Local government, to continue building a thriving, developed municipality, with new generations better prepared and more participatory and involved in solving local problems.